We are Britain's first Indonesian coffee specialist. By purchasing red cherries from the farm and processing them to our specifications, we are able to maintain a high level of quality.

Coffee Peak was born from a love of Indonesian coffee. Even though Indonesia is the world's 4th largest producer, finding quality Indonesian coffee in Britain is very rare. So, we decided to go into business by researching, testing, producing and importing the best Indonesian coffee available.

Through our research we discovered the weak point was the processing of the raw beans, and this was a key factor to be improved. We then invested in the materials, equipment and training for this processing to be done at the farms' locations. The result is a high quality of coffee, produced to our high standards.

In turn, this has helped get a better price for the farmers and everyone involved in the supply chain, improving quality of life.

Over time, Coffee Peak coffee has gained in popularity in Britain and elsewhere, with high recognition from the Netherlands with increased orders. Many small to medium businesses in the UK have also been ordering regularly, and supporting our initiative.

We hope you will try and enjoy our coffee offerings! Our team is always at your disposal to provide support and advice in your coffee ordering needs.